Total Addressable Market (TAM) Insights: The TAM for global freelancing and neo-banking platforms is massive, with two distinct calculations presenting considerable opportunities (see our calculations in the spreadsheet below this narrative)

Self-Employed Knowledge Workers:

Income and Fee Potential:

Serviceable Available Market (SAM):

Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM):

Market Growth and CAGR:

Strategic Implications for

  1. Targeted Market Penetration: Focusing on knowledge workers, particularly in the US, UK, and EU, aligns with the substantial SAM and offers a clear pathway to scaling the business.
  2. Diversified Revenue Streams: The potential for earnings from transactions and FX fees adds significant value to's business model, enhancing its financial stability.
  3. Adapting to Market Dynamics: Rapid market growth demands continuous innovation and agility.'s commitment to AI and technological advancement positions it well to adapt and thrive.

<aside> 💡 The freelancing and neobanking markets present vast opportunities for With a strategic focus on knowledge workers and leveraging its unique platform capabilities, is poised to make a significant impact in these rapidly growing markets.


How we calculated the market size:

Total Addressable Market (TAM):

  1. Global Context: The calculation starts with the global population, estimated at 8 billion people. Focusing on the employed segment, which is about 3.32 billion, the analysis narrows down to knowledge workers, estimated at 1 billion globally.
  2. Freelance Focus: From these knowledge workers, a significant percentage, 46.4%, are self-employed, leading to a figure of approximately 464 million self-employed knowledge workers worldwide.
  3. Income Estimations: The average income per freelancer is derived from global averages, which, along with the number of billable hours and rates, contribute to calculating the total income potential from freelancers.
  4. SaaS and Fee Potential: For SaaS income, the number of freelancers likely to convert into paying customers is considered, alongside an estimated annual income per freelancer. Transaction and FX fees are calculated based on global freelancing income and average transaction fees.

Serviceable Available Market (SAM):

  1. Regional Focus: The SAM focuses on specific regions - the US, UK, and EU - with their respective numbers of freelancers.
  2. Market Size: By applying the same principles of income and fee calculations as in TAM, but limited to these regions, the SAM is derived, representing the total market size that can serve in these targeted areas.

Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM):

  1. Market Share Goals: The SOM calculation is based on the percentage of SAM that aims to capture. It’s a more realistic target, factoring in the competitive landscape and's capacity to acquire market share.
  2. Growth Projections: Using the projected market share (e.g., 5% by Year 5) and factoring in the Compound Annual Growth Rates (CAGR) for freelancing platforms and neobanking, the SOM reflects's expected portion of the SAM over a specific timeframe.

Key Assumptions: